Since 1963, Tremblay’s Sweet Shop in Hayward, Wisconsin has been a small family-owned business designing, producing, and selling high quality chocolates, fudge, brittle, and confectionaries.  We are in our third generation of the Tremblay family keeping the traditions, foundation, values, and experience that began with the original owners, Denis and Marlene Tremblay.

Our uniquely sweet history began with Denis Tremblay’s vision to create a distinctive, family-oriented experience for the summer tourism in Hayward. Denis, a downhill ski instructor in the winter, and his wife, Marlene, opened the original Tremblay’s Sweet Shop on April 12, 1963 with their famous fudge recipe and passion for recreating the feel of old tyme candies and a catch phrase, The Sweetest Place This Side of Heaven. Denis and Marlene’s dream became part of growing family tradition that included the arrival of their three children, all of whom worked to create the candy and confections and assist in running the shop.  Whether you were greeted with Denis’s charming charisma or Marlene’s mega-watt smile, the Tremblay’s put their heart and soul into their store. They even began a mail-order business to allow customers to place orders over the phone to ship the delicious candies from the store to all over the world. Eventually, Denis and Marlene expanded their business and opened a store location in Eagle River, Wisconsin in June of 1973. However, Tremblay’s wasn’t done expanding just yet.  


While Denis and Marlene had two successful shop locations, their daughter Marcy went on to open her own store location under the Tremblay’s Sweet Shop umbrella on Memorial Day of 1992 in Stillwater, Minnesota. Marcy’s store continued the same traditions of the original store, but also reflected Marcy’s own vision for the confections at her store. Today, Marcy runs her Stillwater store with the help of her three sons and the employees at that location.      

As with any family business, it wasn’t long before Denis and Marlene’s son, Charles had decided to work full-time to learn the business aspects and began taking over the operations for the two shop locations in Hayward and Eagle River. Charles’s love for his family’s business and its values combined with the support of his (at the time future) wife Diane, made the decision to follow in his parents’ footsteps easy. With Charles onboard, in 1995 the Hayward shop was remodeled to expand the original store and double its size to include: more hard candies; the current brittle kitchen; the circle of jars filled with eye-catching candies; storage space for overstock; and an area that held two pianos where musician and family friend Lyle Nelson played songs reminiscent of the past during summer days. Today, this is the store that our customers visit when they come to purchase the mouth-watering products that Tremblay’s has to offer.

However, the Tremblay’s business still wasn’t done expanding. After Charles and his wife began to have children of their own, as the kids grew older Charles began to have his daughters work at the shop learning the family trade. Eventually, Chelsea, Aly, Lauren, and Gabby would all begin to carry on the traditions their grandparents had begun and instilled at the store over time. New products and new technologies were introduced by the most recent generation of Tremblay’s, which prompted Charles and his oldest daughter Chelsea (now the manager) to open a different variation of the Tremblay’s store locations. Right across the street from the original Tremblay’s Sweet Shop, Tremblay’s Sweet City opened its doors in June of 2018 to carry edible cookie dough, macarons, truffles, ice cream, cupcakes, cake pops, and novelty candies that fill the store.










Just as Denis and Marlene enjoyed greeting their customers from the start in 1963, we appreciate every single customer visiting one of our locations and do our very best to show how we value their continued patronage. Whether you were visiting and saw Denis greeting Hayward visitors and giving samples, listening to Lyle as he played the piano in the back corner of the Hayward store years ago, came to listen to the music on Saturdays that the band played out front of the store, or are now beginning new traditions of visiting Tremblay’s with your family, we will continue the values and traditions our customers have come to experience throughout their own generations while keeping a sense of nostalgia alive. Visitors can enjoy the sights of friendly faces making fudge and brittle, hand-dipping chocolates, and much more. The aroma of candy fills the air to accompany the sights during their time shopping in our store. We still use copper pots and marble slabs to make the scrumptious original candy recipes, but we also use new techniques to make our latest products, including real cream truffles.

As a small-town business, we continue to pride ourselves on fair prices for our customers in-store and online. Since 1963, we’ve worked hard to maintain our prices for families and businesses alike. We also still carry on the mail-order tradition that Denis and Marlene began years ago, but have now expanded that for our customers to place orders using our website at their own convenience. Today, we still ship our award-winning candy around the world.

For our customers that visit us in our stores, you can see our staff that includes adults that work year-round and the local teenagers we employ to work summer months and weekends throughout the school year. We employ a large group of local teenagers to help them earn money to save for college, moving out after high school, or even items such as their own car. It’s important to us to have flexible schedules to support our high school employees with their academic and sports needs while also giving them the opportunity to learn important job skills. As our business has grown and we’ve passed the business down generations, our employees have also gown into generations of families that work at our stores. If you have been a visiting customer for years, you may not even realize that a teenager packaging or making your candy had a parent, aunt, uncle, or even cousin that most likely did the very same for you in years past.

We appreciate your business, and we look forward to many more years of customers new and old that continue to grow with us and keep the traditions and values that were set in 1963 alive.